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Posted by atparish on May 9, 2009

Hey guys, I’m going to keep a “Web-based Log” about my silly adventure cycling the Pacific Coast Trail from the Canada to Mexico. Now, depending on a number of things, we might not exactly make it to those actual borders. But so what. I don’t care, and neither should you. Right now it’s looking like wordpress is the coolest place to host it.

I’ll be riding with my Best Bud, Lance, whom I’ve known since 6th grade. There aren’t many other people I’d want to share a tiny tent with after long days on the bike, girls included. What can I say, he smells great. And his pillow talk is top-notch.

It’s still unclear how often this is going to be updated, but Lance does have an iPhone for shooting off small posts and whatnot, and there will be internet cafes along the way. I’ll try to post substantially at least once a week (with pictures, if the camera holds up). There may be some “Tweets” involved as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:


“How far is it?”
Probably 1900 miles or so, depending on how often we get lost, whether we do any backtracking, or IF WE EVER STOP.

“How long will that take?”
Also depends. You could do it in like a month, I bet. But we’re going to take our time, stay with some folks we know for a while, and not race home. My best guess at this point is about 3 months. But who knows. It’s not like anyone has a job to get back to or anything.

“When are you leaving?”
By the end of May, hopefully. Soon enough. You should shower us with gifts, good luck charms, and all the sex you’ve been holding off on ASAP.

“Can I help Team Yous Guys by providing sleeping space, sponge baths, and beers as you roll through my town?”
Why yes, that would be most appreciated, and will earn you many karmic brownie points. We’ll be in touch with folks we know when we get a better idea of how long it’ll take us to get down the coast.

“How much does your bike weigh?”
A metric shit ton.

“What happens if…”
We die and the world keeps turning.

Stay tuned for the next post: “Thrift”
And maybe news of a going away party or two. Make sure those tear-away pants are clean and well-oiled.


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