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I’ll Give You a Scenic Pullout

Posted by atparish on June 7, 2009

Golly, where to begin?
First off, sorry it took me so long to post something, in case you were worried we’d rolled right off a cliff so early in our trip. Internet cafes are few and far between, apparently. But, good news, I can get my pictures off the camera here.
Some highlights so far:

The train ride was very long but not unpleasant. It was interesting to see the forced segregation of we proles in coach from those fatcats up in the sleeper cars. Our first karmic boon was a kind soul who sold us a bag of bud lite for a couple of bucks. Beer on the train was expensive and bad.

Vancouver is a gorgeous town, with amazing bike infrastructure. The first group of pannier-laden folks we ran into happened to be doing the BC to Mexico route as well, as part of the Agents for Change charity ride. But they were leaving a little before us, and since we’ll be spending some time hanging out in cities, we won’t be catching up to them. Which is a shame, because the ratio in that group was very favorable, eh?

The riding has been decent. The roads are windy, but our maps are good. The hills are steep, but our legs are strong. The days are hot, but our pores flow freely. We smell terrific all the time.

Camping has been similarly decent, with the exception of one motherfucker of a raccoon who tore through my bags in search of food. But some mornings, I get up and look out over the water, and hear the birds wailing in the mist, and I think, “Damn. You can’t synthesize that shit.”

Some kind war vet hobos, eager to talk to the young folks as all old folks are, showed us a good time our first night in Seattle. My friend Kate from Back In The Day has been a superb host, and things are going well. Tomorrow we’ll head for Portland, which will probably take us three or four days. Hit you up soon, Jared.

More sometime. Good luck in your various endeavors.


One Response to “I’ll Give You a Scenic Pullout”

  1. roy wilkie said

    if you’re still in seattle tonight go down to georgetown for bike polo (airport and albro place)

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