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Best 3000+ naked dance party ever?

Posted by atparish on June 14, 2009

My voice is hoarse, my balls are lightly chafed, and I might be in several naughty internet videos. It’s been a sexy couple of days on bikes, man. I’m pretty sure that dance floor was the best one in the world, even though you did sometimes accidentally touch a dick.
I had a dream that someone locked my bike to a sign twenty feet up, and we took a rocket to England where it was difficult to learn to ride on the opposite side of the road. Obvious dream-signals of sexual frustration. The ladies here are even beautiful in the nude.


One Response to “Best 3000+ naked dance party ever?”

  1. HappyLand said

    Ahahah, that sounds both titillating and terrifying. I’d be down to ride nude, but fuck no to a nude dance floor. It’s not that I’m self-conscious, I just wouldn’t be into the inevitable attention I’d receive. Unless, like, was everyone being respectful of people’s nudity? Interesting – what happens when everyone is nekkid? Is it no longer sexual?

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