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Waypoint #3

Posted by atparish on July 3, 2009

We’ve made it to Humboldt after seven days of camping and are staying with friends in McKinleyville. Should be good times. Some things of note:
Stayed in a campground in California with wild elk grazing maybe 30 feet away. Those guys get real big. They had bears too, but we didn’t see any. It’s probably a good thing.
Took a day off at a park in Oregon with cliffs and a nice beach. We found a nice frisbee thing in a tide pool and have made good use of it. I snagged my foot on some wood at the beach and lost most of the skin on my big toe, but it’s a pretty minor injury and only affects which shoes I can wear riding. I’ll let you know if it starts turning funny colors and smelling of almonds.
Everyone we meet seems to be in a big hurry, forcing themselves to ride 80+ miles a day. I prefer our way of doing things.

In other news, the DOW is way down, and Sarah Palin is stepping down as governor? Hah. Could today get any better?


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