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The Books make good music.

Posted by atparish on July 19, 2009

Hey, sorry I haven’t been saying too much lately (like you care). It’s been a lot of the same stuff here in Humboldt, with minor victories and tragedies here and there. I’ve seen two baseball games (Go Crabs!), made some money, and pissed many nights away.
I’d like to see big plastic buckets full of the beer I’ve had on this trip, labeled by cities. I’m many buckets deep in this town. People seem to buy me shots as well. I don’t complain.
I’m not the man I wish I was, but I’d say I’ve come admirably close on a couple of occasions. Of course, mainly the manly man I wish I was is a less admirable one. Admiral A. says it’s a trap.
I just finished Middlesex, and I think it’s a pretty decent book. My one-time sister Amanda is now a boy named Ayden, dontcha know.
The plan is to leave Tuesday.
We’ll see.


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