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Back in the saddle again

Posted by atparish on November 23, 2009

Just a small update, to let folks know what I’m up to these days, and to loosen the brain juices a little. I’ve had what I suspect is the dreaded swine flu, so said juices may still run a little thick through these cranial canals.

I moved to San Diego proper almost two months ago (a little more, if you count the time spent on Heather’s couch, which I do), and it’s a vast improvement on the whole living-with-the-parents-in-the-suburban-wastelands thing. I’m about two miles away from the historic North Park neighborhood, where all of my favorite bars and coffee shops are, and only a couple miles more from the rest of San Diego in general. I’ve been helping a friend renovate a house he bought (in cash) so I get quite a good deal on rent there.

I work as a bike messenger for Manivela Delivery ( carting food and cigarettes all around the city. One time I made $40 for delivering a cake. But mainly I make just enough money to pay for the beer I need after a hard delivery to Downtown and back.

I also have a data-entry-from-home-type temp job that I found on Craigslist. Before you ask, yes I have actually been paid, it’s a real job. Between the two, I have plenty of money to pay my almost-nonexistent bills and even start paying down some of the credit card debt I racked up on the tour.

I’ll be applying to grad school in January, and I’m hoping my sweet business connections with planners and admissions board members will get me in somewhere. Yes, things are looking up. Yes, I have a plan. Just relax, guys. And stop praying for me already. I’m sure others need it more.

So why, when things are looking so up, do I sometimes feel so down?
Well, that’s a long story. I’ll let you know when it resolves itself. Let’s say, by Christmas or so.

Anyway, here’s some recent pictures of the house and things.


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