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Oh Ten

Posted by atparish on January 15, 2010

Well, I’ve just finished applying to graduate schools for the fall term, and I really do expect to be accepted to at least one program. And since I’m so bad at lying to potential employers (and dealing with the incessant guilt from living that lie), I’ve basically stopped looking for work for the duration of my time in San Diego. I think I have enough money to make my credit card payments and maintain a reasonably enjoyable quality of life until I’m back on student loans. Hopefully I’ll know where I’ll be moving by March or April, and I expect my moving expenses to be generously subsidized by certain parties interested in my well-being.

If, however, I am not accepted to any graduate programs this time around due to the dismal economy and glut of hairy twenty-somethings with nothing to do but go back to school, then I will have no choice but to default on my obligations and travel the world as an organic farmer.

In the meantime I thought I’d try to get my writing, cleaning, and healthier-living chops in order. So I’ll be using this site as a venue for honing my razor-like apocalyptic reasoning and trying to talk myself into the usefulness of my chosen profession. Reading Harper’s Magazine has really gotten me in the mood to write some essays again. I almost can’t believe that interesting, intelligent discourse exists in print anymore. Mainly it has been conversations at parties and church events that have got me in the mood to outline my general philosophy for the benefit of others.

I also need to practice using fewer commas.

So cheers, kids. Happy new decade. Hopefully this will be the one.


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